Repression everywhere on our means of struggle. As much in the streets and on the internet: control of our communications, tracking our movements, manipulation of our desires and ideas, the exploitation of our credentials and those that we consider intimate. All information is connected. And if we want real change, we must protect our freedoms to use, secure or transmit information relevant to our lives that they try to exploit, censor or repress, while tackling the root and means to impose their domination, exploitation and conditioning of our lives and that of our shared planet.


Help us create an informational and educational tool that connects different, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-authoritarian, anti-patriarchal, anti-colonial and anti-speciesist struggles across the globe. Help us translate its content so that we can reach out to different cultures and realities to share common knowledge and experiences. Help us to connect the existent decentralized social, environmental and territorial struggles that stand for a more autonomous, healthier and just way of exiting and experience life. Help us to reinforce struggles in confrontation and that fight back against the imposed fascist enslavement politics, their murderous and poisonous economic principals, their isolating and incarcerating infrastructures and those that put, impose and keep them in place.



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