Supporting and participating in AntiRep!Net is showing your solidarity in maintaining a wide variety of tools and with other networks resisting and fighting back different forms of repression and oppression’s. You can create an account with us here and see the possibilities or use the tools mentioned in the menu "NetWork". you can also ask for website hosting, email or radio relay for something particular, email us arn at antirep.net or join us on the IRC chat.

Anarchist AntiRep

We enjoy being able to share our means and resources to the empowerment of emancipatory struggles against their repression and oppression. We tend to redistribute power in funds or materials to projects and individuals in need on the front-lines of struggles and their liberation. We started on la ZAD at Notre-Dame-des-Landes. We do workshops surrounding OpSec (protection against surveillance and in custody). We promote and incite radical (h)Activism, direct action and solidarity. We organize from time to time events, discussions and evenings on different subjects.

Taking care

We try to minimize the use of logging but we can't avoid it for safety and debug reasons (7days) of AntiRep!Net and its users. We use encryption anywhere we can (we can do better, help us?) !!
Don't forget you are partly involved in these movements, and that it is good praxis to be alert and considerate about the different cultures of security/resistances to help avoid repression or fight back against oppression!!

Some resources to help you stay safe and taking care of those people, projects and places you love :
- What Is Security Culture?
- Security Culture: What it is, why we need it and how to implement it
- Security Culture: A Handbook for Activists
- Use a VPN or TORBrowser / OS with TOR and other privacy, anonymity and security tools
- Use encrypted mail with PGP
- Rise Up Radical Servers list

Check out the #OpSec page for hints and apps that will give you hints on how to stay anonymous and keep some privacy on the online infomatrix


The project AntiRep!Net is maintained by an (not-so) anonymous anarchist, hacker and pirate. With no steady (legal) income. That is declared apatride (Stateless) and has to live in clandestinity faced with continues state repression and trails. And is especially maintained by all those that make it exist trough support and solidarity, which could mean you. The anarchist, who started with project “AntiRep!Net”, works with a lot of heart and love for total liberation, self-emancipation and promotes autonomy from state, capitalism or any authoritarian system with an anarchist viewpoint. AntiRep!Net is always in danger of repression, confiscation and sabotage. We have always put our skills to use in sharing and maintaining complex tools, some of the collective “tech” structures in movements and gather material and informational resources for redistribution. Exchange of knowledge, direct actions trough radical (H)Activism and other rebellious or liberating activities is one of the main engines behind AniRep!Net.
Help the AntiRep!Net grow and create resistance against repression and push back all forms of oppression, from all sides, anywhere ! We are always looking for reinforcements (online and on la ZAD, Notre-Dame-des-Landes, france).

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