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Supporting and participating in AntiRep!Net is showing your solidarity in maintaining a wide variety of tools and with other networks resisting and fighting back different forms of repression and oppression’s. You can create an account with us here and see the possibilities or use the tools mentioned in the menu “NetWork”. you can also ask for website hosting, email or radio relay for something particular, email us arn at antirep.net or join us on the irc chat.

Anonymous and Autonomous Anarchist AntiRep

-!- We are looking for RSS feeds of websites about support of other struggles or comrades in the different struggles fighting back against fascism, patriarchy, human and non-human exploitations, and other oppressive and discriminatory abuses and events and places for emancipatory purposes. we accept inciting propaganda, news, testimonials, analysis, call-outs, events, etc

We try to minimise the use of logging but we can’t avoid it for safety and debug reasons. we use encryption anywhere we can on what is saved and communicated on the server. !! Don’t forget that also you have a part to be conscious about within our cultures of security to avoid and fight back repression !!

- What Is Security Culture?
- Security Culture: What it is, why we need it and how to implement it
- Security Culture: A Handbook for Activists
- Use a VPN or TORBrowser / OS with TOR and other privacy, anonymity and security tools
- Use encrypted mail with PGP

Check out the #OpSec page for hints and apps that will help you stay anonymous and keep some privacy on the infomatrix

The project is maintained by anonymous and autonomous people with no income and no national attachment so it would be nice to share a bit of solidarity if you like the project. We work with very modest and limited resources and a lot of heart. We put our skills to use in sharing and maintaining of tools and resources for (H)Activists and other rebels. Help us fight repression and attack all forms of oppression !

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