Support AntiRep!Net

Supporting AntiRep!Net is showing your solidarity in the maintenance of a wide variety of tools and a network resisting and fighting back different forms of repression and oppression's. You can donate money, time, resources or simple express solidarity by getting into action and make AntiRep!Net grow with whatever means you feel comfortable with.

Help grow the Network

You can speak about the AntiRep!Net network and tools, get involved and become a fungininja or share and use some of the available tools with your accomplices. We are always looking to reinforce the network and strengthen the movements with our available means. Come chat with us on IRC Chat or send us an email. You can also register an account and see where you go from there.


We do not yet fully master the art of circumventing the system and bypassing the use of money. Some of us have no income at all and we ninjahack life to keep things running, by you chipping in for the costs that would greatly help us grow the network, gently but with determination. we love you !


We don't have it all figured out yet, but we see a point in getting involved and knowledgeable about this monetary exchange technology. It is very energy consuming from an autonomous view point. While we think about that it doesn't hold us back to use and experiment with them to grow the network. Feel free to donate to any of the Coin addresses or to mine for us.


FAIR Wallets Addresses for direct donations

Our own Wallet: fQWWk8jdBjQKaKu77jeB7u5EYcenSmewHc
Our FreedomCoop Wallet: fEUL5jmbJCJtFLCSKoMPKL5xrZD5WDX7Jj


If you want us to check into other coins, you can let us know !

Bank Account

For the moment we are in heated discussions on whether we use them or burn them.

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